historic building restoration

At Auburn Corp, we’re dedicated to beautifying homes as well as preserving the designs of historic buildings. Our historic building restoration in Chicago is an essential service when it comes to maintaining the beauty of our great city, and there’s no architecture more exciting here than that of the famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Here are Chicago’s top 5 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings you should visit if you’re looking to feast your eyes on exceptional design.

5: Wright Home and Studio

The Wright Home and Studio is where the magic happened, and there’s no better place to visit if you want to witness his architectural genius first-hand. Here he developed his famous prairie-style architecture.

4: Rookery Light Court

Rookery Light Court was built in 1905, and boasts one of Wright’s most elaborate designs. This Chicago landmark located in the financial district is truly a testament to the architect’s brilliance. With its dazzling, sun-lit lobby and beautiful stairs, it’s definitely one space you won’t want to miss.

3: Frederick C. Robie House

The Frederick C. Robie House is another well-regarded Wright monument. Located on the campus of the University of Chicago, this famed home is touted as the premier example of Wright’s Prairie School style, which is referred to as the first distinctly American architectural style.

2: Emil Bach House

The Emil Bach House is another fine example of a Prairie School-style home in Chicago. This unique building is actually one of few Wright homes still in use, and is available for short-term vacation rentals. This is one of his most cubic designs, adding his polished lines and long overhangs to a modern, geometrical base.

1: Unity Temple

The Unity Temple is a Unitarian Universalist Church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and boasts some of his most intricate windows. It’s widely considered one of Wright’s greatest designs of the early 20th century. If that isn’t reason enough to visit it, many architects and critics consider it to be the first modern building in the world.

Whether or not your property was designed by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, you should work to preserve its unique charm. In addition to providing Chicago replacement windows for homes and commercial buildings, Auburn Corporation also offers historic building restoration services to those looking to conserve the integrity of their space. Call us or fill out our online quote form today to get a free quote on your building restoration needs!