A grand old Victorian house, that cute 1930s bungalow, and even the simple 1800s farmhouse, each have special character that comes from the unique architecture used in the time they were built. This is present in the decorative sconces in long hallways to the large front porch on a one-story home. It is even seen in the window styles and materials used. You won't find craftsmanship like that once used in hand-cut and framed windows these days.

Naturally, owners of historic properties want to balance historic preservation with the need for comfort inside the home. If you are living in a drafty space or the windows aren't working well, it can be tempting to simply replace them. Yet, this also means replacing an original part of the property. The experienced team at Auburn Corporation can help you with the decision to replace or consider restoring old windows. You may find that there are more options than you realize.

The Possibility of Restoring Old Windows

When you first start to notice problems with windows sticking, or developing a draft, you might want to consider contacting a window restorer. If the damage is caught early enough it can usually be repaired by an expert who can preserve the entire window and keep it working smoothly.

Just remember that older windows will need regular maintenance, including repainting or staining to keep them in good condition. It may also be too late to repair the windows if you notice active dry rot in the frames.

Installing Replacement Windows that Match

old windows being replaced

Auburn Corporation is an expert at historic window replacement and building renovation. We have skilled restorers who take great pride in measuring and replicating existing windows. Meticulous attention is paid to every detail and the general architectural design to ensure that replacement windows look just as good as the originals.

Even better, we can install replacement windows that come with many modern features. Enjoy energy efficient double pane glass, or the option to use low maintenance vinyl materials. Whatever your needs and desires for those windows, we work with you to achieve them.

Get Started with a Free Consultation for Historic Window Renovation

If you aren't sure which way to go with your windows, Auburn Corporation can have a friendly expert meet with you for a free consultation. We'll take a look at your windows and give you a few options to consider, including a price estimate for replacement windows. Give us a call or fill out our online form to make your request right away.