At Auburn Corporation, we realize how important it is to learn and grow as an architect in a constantly developing and ever-changing industry. As a participant in our Continuing Education Sessions, you benefit from learning the latest industry information in a rewarding educational environment. Join us as our Chicago architectural window services company leads an in-depth exploration of our fast-paced industry.

Continuing Education Courses:

  • AAMA Specifications
  • Window Installation Guidelines And Detailing
  • Paint and Anodized Finishes
  • Glass and Energy
  • Historic Window Replacement
  • Efficiency In Window Design
  • Thermo Plastic Spacer Systems
  • Window Wall

Below is a list of the various Continuous Education Sessions available to architects:

Session 1: AAMA Specification

This 1-hour session will go over the critical performance aspects of the AAMA/WDMA/CSA/101/I.S.2/A440-08 North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for doors, windows and skylights. Other topics covered include comparisons of the previous AAMA specifications to current versions, benefits of AAMA-certified products in bid documents and more.

Session 3: Window Installation Guidelines and Detailing

A 1-hour session that details proper window installation of different products and accessories. Many factors and techniques will be covered - from historic replacement to new construction. You’ll walk away with a better comprehension of how various components work and how to make projects more cost effective.

Session 4: Plant Tour

Participants will take a 2-hour plant tour to further what was learned in prior AIA/CES sessions. They will be able to observe various processes, such as how an aluminum billet is converted, how an architectural shape is finished, how inert gas inserted into a window space provides energy efficiency and much more.

Session 5: Paint and Anodized Finishes

This 1-hour presentation covers the different finish options available for door products and aluminum windows, such as paint selection, anodized finishes, guidelines for use and more.

Session 6: Glass and Energy

This 1-hour presentation discusses how glass works in regards to heat gain and loss, shading coefficient and acoustic applications. Other available topics include low-E coatings, tints and reflective options.

Session 7: Historic Window Replacement

This 1-hour presentation includes Historic Window Replacement Guidelines as established by the National Park Service. Discussion centers around whether to preserve, repair or replace windows depending on existing conditions, accessories and options.

Session 9: Impact Resistant Glazing Systems

A 1-hour course covering the needs, origins and evolution of impact-resistant glazing systems. It includes discussion on the various options of glazing systems, their advantages and disadvantages, building codes and test requirements.

Session 9A: The Next Generation in Energy Efficiency Window Design

This 1-hour presentation is dedicated to comprehending changes in regulatory codes. We’ll dive into what affects these changes and discuss manners in which to improve a commercial window’s thermal performance. This program is registered with the AIA/CES for ongoing professional education.

Session B: Improving Thermal Performance in Structural Windows


his 1-hour discussion covers two critical and efficient ways in which to improve the thermal performance of commercial windows.

Session C: Designing with Broken Glass

This 1-hour presentation will provide participants with an understanding of the newest performance requirements for Hurricane/Impact-rated fenestration products in coastal applications. Participants are guaranteed to leave with more knowledge on new codes and regulations, and other important topics.

Session D1: Designing with Curtain Wall, Storefront and Entrances

A 1-hour presentation broadly covering aluminum entrances and storefront design. This discussion centers around basic requirements to accommodate traffic, checklists for safety, tips for good entrance design and effects the environment has on these types of entrances.

Session G: Designing with Blast Resistant Windows

This 1-hour presentation discusses Blast Mitigation and its consequences for fenestration in facilities. Participants will be provided with an introduction to bomb/blast effects, design response, force protection, performance and testing standards and much more.

Session H: Thermoplastic Spacer Systems

A 1-hour presentation where participants will acquire a greater comprehension of the advantages of Thermoplastic Spacer Systems.

Session I: LEED Certification: Green Buildings Incorporating Fenestration Products

This 1-hour presentation covers objectives, including an overview of eco-friendly manufacturing practices, energy consumption, and the impact of fenestration and daylight on design. It will also cover the use of aluminum fenestration products as a critical factor in a LEED-Certified project.

Session J: Window Wall

This 1-hour discussion covers an overview of window wall systems and provides a demonstration of its application. Learning objectives include a definition of what a window wall system is, its features and benefits, and a review of case studies demonstrating their use.

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