Does it seem like your windows are underperforming? Auburn Corporation provides energy evaluation services to determine the performance of windows and doors. This comprehensive service can assist in evaluating current efficiency and devising ways to reduce energy waste. Auburn is committed to helping our customers save energy and money, while simultaneously reducing the ecological footprint.

As part of our Chicago energy evaluation services, an Auburn professional will come to your building and examine the windows and doors. During this inspection, we will determine the current energy efficiency of the windows and doors in question. We’ll provide a thermal analysis that will show the estimated energy consumption of the building with the existing window product. From this, our professionals can make recommendations on products and installation methods to help save energy and reduce overall consumption costs.

Energy Evaluation in Chicago

It’s is imperative to embrace green practices to better preserve our planet. Auburn Corporation is dedicated to this movement, implementing energy-efficient windows and doors to best serve our clients and the world in which we live.

Incorporating technologically-advanced products like  Alcoa’s OptiQ series of windows and Wausau’s highly engineered systems, and Marvin's full line of ENERGY STAR®-rated products, we ensure you will meet requirements for green building design and LEED certified projects.

Contact Auburn Corporation today and we will send our experts to provide you with the best energy evaluation you’ll find in Chicago. Call us or fill out our online form to learn more and schedule an assessment!

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