When a building or residence needs historic window renovation, Chicagoland architects, general contractors and building owners choose Auburn Corporation. Don't trust an intricate historic renovation or restoration to just any company; trust our experts. Auburn Corporation has specialized expertise as a professional renovator for historic landmarks and buildings in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We’ll maintain the uniqueness and inherent beauty of historic buildings when replacing windows and doors that improve functionality and increase value.

Auburn offers many historical renovation services in Chicago. Our professionals are skilled in accurate historic replication; windows will emulate their original templates. We pride ourselves on our attention to meticulous detail for historic replication and historic window renovation for these valued buildings.

Historic Window Replacement

To keep up the appearance of an aging building, a historic window replacement may be needed. Old, inferior-quality windows can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a building. Window renovation and historic replication windows are desirable when windows are not functional and are causing value to depreciate. Auburn Corporation specializes in both the renovation of commercial windows and historic window replacement in Chicago. We are experts at ensuring landmark buildings remain attractive and functional.

Historic Renovation - Entry Way Doors

Auburn installs handcrafted Marvin Entry Way Doors for buildings and landmarks in Chicagoland. These premium-quality, handcrafted and tailored-to-order doors offer an ideal solution for entryways. Auburn Corporation can install these doors as part of a historical renovation or restoration project, beautifying and reviving the facade of landmark buildings or residences.

Historic Renovation by Auburn - Professionalism and Passion

Providing historic renovation for windows or doors for a vast range of needs, Auburn has experience working on various structures - from famous hotels to landmark buildings. The professionalism of Auburn's historic renovation in Chicago is unmistakable. We pride ourselves on our attention to meticulous detail during historic renovations of these valued buildings.

We are adaptable when it comes to your historic renovation project. Regardless of guidelines or budget, Auburn Corporation will work with your project specifications to complete a superior quality historic renovation of your Chicago building. Call us or fill out our online form today for a free consultation regarding your historic renovation or replication.

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