Available in various styles and designs, our Chicago steel entry doors are durable and energy efficient. Perfect for any type of home, they effectively trap hot and cold air in, allowing you to reduce the use of your heating and air conditioning units. Additionally, these affordable doors are made to match the décor of any home. With clean lines and crisp angles that are configured to create a sleek look, they’ll make a good fit in any modern or retro-styled home. Most importantly, their steel construction gives you the benefit of time during a house fire, protecting you for up to and over 20 minutes.

Steel Entry Doors in Chicago

When you choose to have Auburn Corporation supply one or multiple Therma-Tru or Simpson steel doors, rest assured our talented staff will work at the upmost efficiency. Working with you every step of the way, they’ll ensure your new Chicago steel entry doors are exactly the way you want them.

Some benefits of having Auburn Corporation install Therma-Tru or Simpson steel entry doors in your home include:

  • Low E Materials for Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Beautiful Wood Edging With High-Definition Panel Embossing
  • Clean Lines and Crisp Angles That Fit With Any Home Décor
  • Wide Variety of Design Options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Exper tCertified Installers
  • High Durability Resulting in Low Maintenance
  • Over 20 Minutes of Protection During a Fire
  • ENERGY STAR Rating

Chicago Steel Entry Doors

In addition to increasing the performance and look of your home, our Chicago steel entry doors will also add value to it. Featuring a limited lifetime warranty, they’ll last you years and make for a good selling point if you decide to test the market. With their high durability, you won’t have to worry about maintenance, even in the most extreme conditions.

When it comes time to upgrade your home with new Chicago steel entry doors, contact Auburn Corporation. Our skilled design experts would love to outfit your property with our energy-efficient and aesthetically- pleasing products. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation today!

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