What Services?

We supply and install industry leading products for both commercial and residential projects. Visit our services section of site for more detailed account of services offered.

Do you supply or install windows for residential?


Do you have a showroom?

Yes, please call to make an appointment.

Why should I choose Auburn Corporation?

We have the experience, qualified professionals and superior products for supply and/or install of commercial and residential window and door products.

How long have you been servicing the Chicagoland area?

Auburn Corporation has been in business since 1914. Our window expertise is supported by over 100 years in the industry.

What services do you provide?

We supply and install commercial and high-end residential window and door products. Our services include historic renovations, new construction applications, specification and design assistance. Visit our services section of site for more detailed account of services offered.

Does Auburn have the capabilities to assist in specifications, details and obtaining points for LEED certification?

Yes. Our sales staff is experienced in all these areas and is more than capable of designing and specifying the correct product for your project.

With what kind of buildings do you have experience installing commercial windows and doors?

Auburn Corporation has installed thousands of commercial windows and commercial doors systems for public and private schools, universities, libraries, condos, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, high rises and many other applications.

Are you a distributor of Marvin windows and doors?

Auburn is a Signature Dealer of Marvin windows and doors. We can supply and install Marvin for your commercial or high-end residential project, or we will distribute the product through contractors or remodelers.

Does Auburn provide free estimates?

Typically, yes. Most commercial estimates are of no charge. The exception is for window service. To determine the extent of parts required for service and repair, we typically need a service call fee and an hourly window assessment charge.

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