Are you tired of paying high energy bills every winter, but still feeling cold inside your home? There may be issues with your doors and windows. These entryways into the home can develop small cracks and have thin spots where chilly air sneaks inside. Thankfully, homeowners can do a lot to fix these issues with a quick home improvement project. Auburn Corporation can even provide a complimentary consultation and price estimate for any of these potential renovation ideas:

Install Replacement Windows

The windows are where a lot of heat loss occurs during winter. All you need to do is stand near the window in many homes to feel the cold coming inside. If you want to feel more comfortable no matter the outside temperature, consider installing replacement windows. This home investment, especially when you use energy-efficient products, pays off in a few years by reducing your utility bills.

Auburn Corporation works with a range of high-quality brands, such as Marvin, Integrity, and ProVia windows. All of which offer Energy Star rated products with features like:

  • Double- & Triple Pane Glass
  • Low E Glass Coatings
  • Krypton or Argon Gas Fill
  • Warm Edge Glazing
  • Fiberglass Frames

We can send window installers to meet with you and go over the many features of our favorite brands. If you like what you hear, our experts can also create a 3D draft in AutoCAD showing how your potential new windows will look.

Install Replacement Windows

Another way to keep the temperature more temperate inside is by installing replacement doors, including the patio doors. Auburn Corporation relies on many of the same brands for Energy Star rated doors, including Therma-Tru products. These doors have design features that will prevent heat transfer and chilly drafts.

Any new door will likely offer improved energy efficiency, but our fiberglass doors usually boast a polyurethane core that adds further resistance to heat transfer. It is also a low maintenance product, capable of resisting heat, cold, rain, chemicals, and insects.

Replace Your Insulation/Weatherstripping

New insulation is a great way to boost your home’s efficiency. Replacing the insulation around the exterior walls and adding insulation in the attic will provide an extra layer of protection for your entire home.

Every homeowner should also check the weatherstripping on doors and windows. Broken down weatherstripping provides an opening for drafts to get inside. You can usually scrape off the old and add new weatherstripping without a lot of hassle. Don’t forget to install door sweeps, new door plates, and use a window insulation kit to further weatherproof your home.

If you are considering replacement doors or windows, it’s a good idea get to it sooner rather than later. Give Auburn Corporation a call or fill out our online contact form to request a free home improvement consultation with an expert. We’ll provide a quick inspection, go over your options, and give you a free price estimate for door and window replacement right away.