One Prudential Plaza

on August 6, 2019
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One Prudential Plaza, formerly known as The Prudential Building, is a 41 story structure that began construction in 1952 and was completed in 1955.

The tower was built to house the headquarters of the Prudential Mid-American Company.  At the time it was built, it was the first downtown skyscraper, and it remained the tallest building in Chicago for 21 years.  The architect was Naess and Murphy. The building was designed with large floor plates and has 1.2 million square feet of floor space.

The Auburn Corporation completed the window installation project contracted to Jones Lang LaSalle with over 1200 new Wausau in-vent highly thermally efficient windows.  The Wausau window was selected not only because of its thermal design but also for its ability to perform in an application with high design pressure and close proximity to Lake Michigan.  Viracon VE1 2M insulated glass was used throughout the project. Apogee, the parent company of Wausau and Viracon, performed an energy analysis for the building owner, demonstrating the substantial savings which helped confirm their decision to replace the windows.

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