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Awning and Hopper Windows Chicagoland

Awning windows project out from the bottom operator, hinged at the top. Hopper windows are opposite, opening from the top and projecting inward. There are benefits to each depending on the design requirements but both offer high performance and versatility.

Awning & Hopper Features

  • Multiple hardware finishes
  • Fixed, operable or multiple window configurations
  • New construction or replacement application
  • Optional integrated shades
  • Low E materials for increased energy efficiency
  • Vinyl, fiberglass and wood styles
  • Multiple colors and wood grain options
  • Expert-certified installers
  • High durability resulting in low maintenance
  • ENERGY STAR rating

Our Manufacturers

Awning Windows.

Provia Awning

The convenience of the design of this window, projecting outward, allows you to vent where you need it the most. The versatility of this window makes it a favorite for combining with a picture window.

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