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Most Energy-Efficient Windows Chicagoland

Are your windows outdated and underperforming? Auburn Corporation provides Architectural Services that will assist in evaluating current window efficiency and devise a plan through product specifications and application to reduce energy consumption and create an interior atmosphere & environment that is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Architectural Service Features

  • Window evaluation and budgets
  • Specification and application assistance
  • Water mitigation services
  • Continued education courses
  • Energy evaluation & glass performance that will change the performance of your building:
    1. U-factor: Correlates to the rate of heat transfer.  The lower the number, the better the window is at keeping heat inside a building and the better its insulating properties.
    2. Visible transmittance (VT) An optical property that indicates the fraction of visible light transmitted through the window.  Low E coatings can reject solar heat gain while allowing visible light to pass through glazing.
    3. Low emissivity (Low E) coatings: Microscopically thin, transparent metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on a glazing surface to suppress radiative heat flow without compromising the amount of transmitted visible light.  Low E coatings enhance thermal performance by reflecting interior infrared energy (heat) back to the inside.
    4. Gas fills: Improve the thermal performance in insulating glass units by reducing conduction in the air space between panes.  Argon and krypton mixes are commonly used because they slow the movement of warm and cool air and reduce overall heat transfer between the interior and exterior glass panes.

Our Manufacturers



With over 70 years of producing energy-efficient, high-quality aluminum windows and doors, TRACO, which is now Kawneer (An ALCOA Company) utilizes state-of-the-art glass technology and production processes. They create solutions that can withstand blasts and heavy storms, drown out outside noise with products that are tested to meet high STC and OITC requirements, provide products to meet energy code requirements and help you meet LEED Certification requirements.

It’s safe to say, no other partnership in the commercial window and door business can provide clients with the same level of experience and commitment as Kawneer/Traco and Auburn Corporation.


An industry leader in top quality engineered windows, curtain walls, and door systems. Wausau window and wall systems set the standard in the industry. If you are looking for custom-engineered, high performance and energy-efficient windows for your historic, commercial new construction or renovation project, Wausau windows are the obvious choice. Offering industry-leading structural and energy performance throughout their product line. Wausau and Auburn will meet any design and application challenge your project requires.


Still family owned after 65 years, Quaker Windows and Doors continues to innovate and grow their product lines to meet current energy codes, performance requirements, and historical application requirements.

Quaker Windows & Doors puts a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and performance. In partnership with ENERGY STAR since 2001, the manufacturer goes above and beyond to ensure it’s exceeding the required Energy Rating Certification Requirements. From implementing machinery in its plants to lessen the waste of raw materials to using powder-coat paint finishes over liquid, Quaker does its part to keep the Earth clean and beautiful.


Efco Corporation is a leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum window, curtain wall, storefront and entrance systems for commercial architectural applications. Their mission is to be the most trusted supplier in commercial architecture and seek to provide customers with the highest level of quality, innovation, value and service.


Superior quality translates to superior value and lasting satisfaction. Hope’s steel and bronze doors and windows are universally praised for their strength, durability and unparalleled aesthetic value. Further, the inherent material strength, manufacturing process and finishing techniques result in doors and windows that last and sustain their beauty for generations.


Making continuous strides in the fenestration industry has been a consistent goal of Optimum Window. They utilize state-of-the-art technology to maintain the fire rating of windows and doors that building codes require and the quality building owners expect.

Kane Security Screens/Sterling Dula

With Kane Innovations, window safety has always been one of their primary concerns, from initial concept to fabrication. We invite you to join the thousands of medical facilities, universities, colleges, public schools and public housing developments who have turned to Kane for over a half-century for attractive, safe and innovative window protection that endures over time.

Allied Window

Allied’s unique line of interior or exterior custom “invisible” storm windows® address energy loss, sound and UV reduction, aesthetics and sash protection in the residential, industrial and commercial markets.

Their capabilities in the historic area are unmatched in the industry. Allied Window can provide narrow line windows of any shape, size or color that seem to “disappear”  into the window opening. Whether you are a professional in the field or a homeowner, our abilities allow us to address your needs from conventional to extraordinary. We work with you to develop a system to address the needs of your single glazed windows.

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