A world-class dealer of windows and doors needs a high-quality line of products to work with. At Auburn Corporation, we’re honored to be a Chicago dealer of Integrity Windows and Doors. Within the Marvin Brand of Products, the Integrity brand is built to perform.

Crafted with a strong fiberglass material called Ultrex®, all windows and doors made by Integrity are built to last. This patented formula outperforms and outlasts vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other fiber glass composites. It also allows these windows to not bend, break or crack over time; enabling them to hold strong under stress without showing age or wear. With such durability, rest assured your Integrity windows and doors in Chicago will hold up during the brutal winters and the hot humid summers.

Chicago Integrity Windows & Doors

When you purchase Integrity windows and doors in Chicago, you’ll benefit from all of the following:

  • Strength: Through extensive research and testing, Integrity has found that Ultrex® is eight times stronger than wood and vinyl composites. This prevents any sagging from occurring over the years.
  • Durability: Ultrex® resists harsh corrosives, remains stable in extreme temperatures and almost expands at the same rate as glass. Its ability to stretch prevents any leaking.
  • Superior Finish: Finished with the Ultrex® patented coating system, these windows hold their color and remain beautiful through the years.
  • Efficiency: Crafted with Ultrex® and Low E materials, these windows can cut heating costs by up to 34 percent in cold weather and cooling costs by up to 38 percent in warm weather.
  • Toughness: Put through a trail of grueling tests, including being run over by dirt bikes and riding in the bed of a truck during a bumpy ride, these windows are proven to be nearly impossible to break.

Integrity Windows & Doors in Chicago

As a leading dealer of Integrity Windows and Doors in Chicago, the Auburn staff is highly skilled and experienced to assist you from start to completion. These professionals have worked on projects of all kinds – from high-rise buildings to four-story homes. They’ll work with you through every step of the process, starting with a free design consultation and ending with a well-executed door and window replacement effort.

As window industry leaders, Auburn and Marvin Integrity Brand invite you to experience the benefits of Ultrex® technology. Give Auburn Corporation a call to speak with one of our helpful representatives to learn more about this revolutionary product. Also, feel free to fill out our online form to receive your free design consultation today!

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