What Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

on June 19, 2019

Your windows do more than keep the bugs out of your home while letting the light in. They are also great at keeping out the heat, cold, and humidity. Unless your windows start to fail! When this happens, you’ll find that the windows start talking to you in a variety of ways.

Auburn Corporation is a window replacement company that has seen many kinds of damage over the years. Our contractors are very familiar with the subtle and not-so-subtle signs of damage that indicate you need window replacement services. If you have noticed some unusual symptoms occurring with your windows, you may want to review our list of things the windows are trying to tell you below.

Foggy Glass Could Mean Window Replacement

When the window becomes foggy, it means that the seal between the frame and the glass has failed. If you are using double- or triple-pane windows, this means that your windows no longer work as energy-efficient products. You’ll either want to have the damaged pane repaired or get replacement windows installed.

Increased Humidity that Raises Energy Bills

When your home is suddenly too humid for comfort and condensation appears on the frame or glass, it could be a sign of a water leak. Your frame might be cracked, the weather-stripping damaged, or a seal around the glass could be broken. Start by replacing the weather-stripping and if that doesn’t work consider a window replacement.

Windows Sticking in the Track

If you find the window is sticking or grating a bit when you try to open or close them, you may have to clean them out. Dirt and debris can gather on the weather-stripping, in the track, and on all of the moving parts. Replace the weather-stripping, clean out the track, and clean and oil any moving parts you can reach easily to give your window renewed life.

Difficulty Opening or Closing in Humid Weather

If you have wooden window frames they can also swell up with moisture after heavy rain or when the paint or sealant is compromised. This makes the window difficult to open and close. If your window is sticking in moist or wet weather, consider sanding down the sides of the frame to help it move better in the track.

If you have noticed these issues or other problems with your windows in Chicago, you might want to get the advice of an expert. Consider reaching out to Auburn Corporation about a free consultation and window installation quote. Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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